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Digital West Media was incorporated in 2004 but founded in 2001. The year that dot com companies were closing we were just starting to gear up for the new age of the internet. We have lasted through the days of mergers of the big search engines and corporations buying up the lots of internet properties.

Digital West Media works mainly as an internet business but we also use all forms of mass communication. Forms of mass communication include newspapers, magazines, direct mail, billboards, bus signs, radio, and television. This media is quickly spreading to cellular phones as technology changes.

Online Properties. We offer a broad portfolio of websites online including financial, health, webmaster resources, entertainment, travel, political/events, and cultural/society pages. We have grown from one website in 2001 to over ten total resources for surfers of the worldwide web. We are currently working on an APP for our newly popular site.

Promotions, Event Marketing, and radio advertising have been a forefront to the sucess of Digital West Media. We have guided many events including small nightclub concerts to bigger non-traditional revenue mega-events for radio stations.

Our goal at Digital West Media is to learn and acheive as much as we can while bring in great sucesses. With only a handful of employess we strive to grow in the new year to more than a dozen and complete new online portals for the masses.

Please hit the contact us tab to visit with us about any of our services. We do not give out our email due to spam bots.


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